“We are improving the quality of life on our planet by changing the way the world uses energy”

According to a 2006 survey of one thousand Americans:

  • 53% do not think US energy problems will be solved in their lifetimes
  • 91% agree that incentives for conservation and the use of alternative energy are needed
  • 64% would accept solar energy production facilities in their home town before any other type of power plant

Infinia has a solution for America, and the world.

Changing how the ...

We are improving the quality of life on our planet by changing the way the world uses energy. We are doing this by:

  • Developing solar electric power generation technologies and products that are cleaner and less expensive than PV and less invasive and quicker to deploy than competing solar thermal solutions
  • Providing our unique technologies and expertise to manufacturers of high-efficiency energy systems
  • Focusing on markets and applications that value the unique attributes of our technologies
  • Working with industry-leading partners who share our commitment to excellence
  • Building a meaningful, results-oriented company
  • Making a positive difference in the communities where we live and work

Changing how the ...

We are pursuing a four-part strategy to turn our vision into a reality:

  • Develop, launch and drive to scale production our unique PowerDish solar power generation appliance. Build on our core business of developing and delivering super-reliable electric Stirling generators. These are tested to ensure problem-free, multi-year operation without maintenance or performance degradation.
  • Use the resulting production scale to open up other markets. Design and deliver power systems for commercial and government users that demand super-reliability in large-scale applications.
  • Work with licensees and partners in end-use markets and applications License into mass markets to accelerate adoption of our technologies. Serving mass markets with new technology requires major production facilities and well-established sales, service and distribution channels. Our approach is to license our technology and know-how to world-class companies with the production and distribution capabilities to ensure successful product launches. Our growing list of licensees includes multiple European and Asian companies targeting residential and commercial micro-CHP markets.
  • Pursue additional world-changing markets and applications. We are developing the systems, components and relationships necessary to apply our technology to the solar and renewable energy markets on a worldwide scale. As energy costs and environmental sensitivities rise, these energy sources will become even
    more important.

The real key to making this happen lies in our people and our partners. We are fueled by the strong support of our shareholders, the commitment of our business partners, and the creativity, inspiration and resourcefulness of our people.