What are the uses of Headphones and Earbuds this decade?


Welcome to the brand new world of headphones of this decade!!!

Here you ever experience the customized headphones with multiple features. The headphones of this decade are perfectly blended with your lifestyle.

Yes, you are getting me right; the new range of headphones is not just about the sound quality and the comfort, it’s more about the lifestyle and special features.

The uses are many including for DJs, for gaming, for music lovers, for fashion, for kids, and for sports.

You may find an array of types and brands of headphones or earbuds in the market. I am presenting this article so that you will find your right match of earbuds.

You should check the brand, the sound quality, and the additional feature before buying a pair.


Uses of Headphones – This Decade


Talking about this decade, you will see headphones everywhere. You might have seen a pair of headphones even with the person who doesn’t have any feelings for music.

Have you wondered what the other uses of headphones are? Headphones of this decade are useful for every member of your family.

You can buy a pair of headphones for the little brats of your home, for your stylish teen, and even for the hard-working professional.

1. For Sports

Sports headphones (for the fittest guy of your family): These are specially designed for fitness freaks who love to workout with music. The headphones are water resistant and come in wireless models. Some additional features are its biometric monitoring and reflecting cords with the wired model.

2. For Health

The biometric headphones monitor the heart rate by analyzing the information from your ears. These sports headphones also feed your audio cues. You will not need any other gadget to record your workout. These headphones are compatible with your Android workout apps.

3. For Music

earbudsFor professional music people (for the music lover of your family): These are the headphones of this decade especially built for the audiophiles. The over-ear headphones with oversized drivers give unparalleled sound-quality. The isolating ear cups block out the external noise and enhance the bass response.

The noise canceling feature uses tiny microphones to capture ambient sound. These sounds are then presented into the output of the speakers. The sound-isolating feature uses a specific material to create a barrier between the surrounding sounds and your ears.

4. For those Amazing Parties

For DJs (for the party bird of your family): DJ headphones are heavy duty over-ear cans with padded earbuds. The high-volume level of these headphones can be used with live sound systems. These are designed to emphasize bass. These headphones come with a frequency range that gives you the best of highs and lows of DJ Music. The ultimate frequency range of these earbuds offers you stunning audio clarity.

5. Headphones in fashion (for the cool chic of your family):

The bright colored on-ear and over-ear headphones come in the variety of cool designs. These headphones are in fashion with stunning colors and patterns. Many youngsters use these earbuds as their unique personalized style. You can buy stylish headphones that can act as a catalyst to your personality. You can find a shiny pair of headphones with stunning designs.

6. For Gaming (for the alien member of your family):

These headphones are a treat for serious gamers. Gaming Headphones come with the deep bass response and high volume support without distortion. The real experience of virtual reality games come with these types of headphones. These high-end headphones have multiple drivers. These drivers reproduce multichannel sound formats for gamers.

The headphones come with microphones for multiplayer gamers. This can be used with your PC, Console, and Smartphone.

7. Travel Headphones (for the wanderlust teen of your family):

earbudsTraveling with your playlist alone?

Here is something you fall in love with – a travel headphone.

It is a lightweight headphone that is quite portable. It is designed with noise-canceling and sound-isolating features. This is easily foldable. A wireless headphone is more suited for the travel purpose. It has automatic volume control and mics on the earpiece itself.

And last but not the least, for the little brats of your family. Headphones for kids come with fun designs and colors. These are highly durable and easily fit in their small ears.

These headphones are completely safe for the kids, as the listening level is limited to 85 dB. You might have warned by your headphones about the permanent hearing loss. The headphones for kids come with an additional feature of automatic volume control. It keeps the volume at the safe-level.

There are two types of headphones, in-ear headphones, and over-ear headphones.
In-ear headphones are tiny and portable, but it can’t match the over-ear headphone features. The wired in-ear headphones come with single-sided cabling and double-sided (Y-Cabling).

The on-ear and over-ear headphones have deep bass response and additional sound quality features. Over-ear headphones with light headbands are more comfortable than the heavier ones.

You would want to decide which one you prefer first – in-ear headphones, for one, is great when it comes to noise cancellation.



Have you enjoyed reading this article? I am sure, now you will not stick to the free earbuds that came with your phone.

You might have a craving now for the headphones that match your style. But don’t forget to check the high-quality sound, the comfortable fit and the brand of the headphones before buying. You will find a range of shapes, styles, and brands for the headphones of this decade. This wonderful gadget is compatible with your Smartphone.

Leave your comments regarding any other question or recommendation related to the uses of headphones. Don’t forget to share this article with the all your friends who still think that a headphone is just for sound-isolation. I will keep posting such informative articles for you to help to make the decision quicker, and easier.