Speed of Hard Drive


Hard drives are always the most useful parts of every computer system. However, the speed of all drives is not same. That is why many users like to make out the speed of their own hard drives. You may have inserted a new SSD in a computer. So, it is better to find out the speed of this drive. One of the best ways to test this speed is to make a dummy file.

speed test

Process to create the file for testing hard drive

What you should do is to run one command line. Then, enter the fast commands at the right place. This is applicable for almost all Windows versions. Click on Run for opening a window. Hit OK button after typing- cmd.

The file length should be measured only in bytes. While you are not sure of the way of converting the bigger file to these units, you have to enter the values for obtaining the sizes.

You have to know the syntax, used to create this dummy file. Enter it to the command line. Press Enter to generate the dummy file. After the development of this file, we have to choose Properties in order to know the size.

While you have developed dummy file in your computer, you may apply it for testing out the speed of transferring data or the speed of HDD. Testing the speed by using dummy file may be very simple. For instance, you like to know the amount of time needed for writing 10 GB file. You need only USB, flash drive and your timepiece.

You may repeat the above test not only to check out the HDD speed but also to assess many other things. For instance you can check performance level of many devices and transfer of network. Thus, use the dummy file to meet various needs.

Use of software to know the speed of a hard drive

You can also download any hard drive testing tool from the online sites. These tools read every part of the drive and present you with a report about this speed. They also track the speed of reading and carry out a random process. You need to choose your drive so that the software may automatically start checking the outcome. Many software systems also help you in comparing speeds of various drives. Usually, the tools measure the speed in MB/s or kb/s. You may better choose a software system, which works for both Windows and Mac.

Thus, you may choose any of the two ways to know the speed of hard drive. The performance and other features of this drive affect another unit of your computer.

To run your computer, you always need to access your drive, and that’s why the highest HDD speed is always desirable to every computer user.

Lots of brands are trying to improve the performance of these drives. However, still, you may better test out the hard drive that is present in your computer system.