Infinia’s PowerDish is an innovative grid interconnected solar power-generating product that converts the sun’s heat into electricity. The PowerDish couples Infinia’s patented, low-cost and maintenance-free Stirling generator with a dish-style solar concentrator to create electric grid-ready solar power.

The PowerDish is an automatic, self-contained system (“plug-n-play”) that produces clean, AC power without the use of water. Infinia’s PowerDish generates more electricity in high solar insolation conditions, for less installed capital and within a smaller footprint than competing technologies.

The PowerDish is the world’s first solar power generation system suitable for automotive-scale manufacturing and deployment ranging from small distribution-scale arrays to thousands of units deployed in utility-scale solar power plants. The current minimum size installation is a 64 PowerDish array – our 224 kWac (net) infinitely scalable PowerBlock. Future product releases will allow for one PowerDish or 3.5kW AC.

A major effort was initiated in 2004 to develop and commercialize the Infinia PowerDish. Subsequent development led to installation of 45 PowerDish units at two sites in Arizona, which have been operating for nearly two years.

Both sites continue to provide exceptional availability with over 200,000 kWhours produced, and with the PowerDish units providing > 96% for both availability and performance ratio, with a capacity factor of 32%.

Since 2008 Infinia has installed over 100 PowerDish units in Washington, Utah, New Mexico, California, Spain and India.