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Partnership has always been a major part of our work at Infinia. We work hard to foster strong, long-term alliances with a variety of partners, including:


In our product development activities, we rely on strategic relationships to further the adoption of Stirling cycle-based products that are changing how the world uses energy. This includes working hand in hand with other manufacturers including the automotive industry, licensing technology for volume markets, and forming technical or commercial alliances targeted at specific markets and applications.

Infinia's unique Stirling design

We currently have a licensing relationship in Europe and Asia with ENATEC B.V. and Rinnai to produce the world’s first residential, combined heat and power system with zero routine maintenance requirements. These products are expected to come to market in the near future.


Our relationships with Lockheed Martin, NASA and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) have enabled significant changes in radioisotope-fueled power delivered for future space missions. We have also worked with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to develop reliable Stirling generators that will help protect the security of our nation.

Infinia's unique stirling design

We are proud to be working with the U. S. Army to develop a reliable CHP system for military field kitchens and develop zero-maintenance, diesel-fueled generators and CHP systems for field power.

Infinia's unique stirling design

    • We want to change the world and do it today. If your company has relevant expertise and an interest in any of the following markets, we would like to hear from you:
  • Solar dish or component technology
  • Manufacturing, sales, and distribution of combined heat and power (CHP) products
  • Biomass combustion technology, gasifiers, or packaging of biomass systems for small power generation
  • Liquid-fueled combustion technology
  • Power electronics for power generation equipment
  • Cryogenic cooler applications requiring long-life, reliable coolers with zero maintenance
  • Any application requiring quiet, highly reliable, zero-maintenance, low-emission energy solutions.