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Traditional engines and generators produce electricity, but also produce waste heat. A combined heat and power (CHP) system generates electricity but harnesses the heat for useful things like cooking, drying, and room and water heating. The more efficient a CHP system is, the less fuel is consumed to serve the thermal and electrical loads. That’s good news economically and environmentally.

With quiet, zero-maintenance operation, excellent heat recovery, and the ability to operate efficiently at part-loads, Infinia’s Stirling generators are ideal for small CHP applications.

Defining state of the art

We have recently been working alongside several technology partners to create CHP systems for residential use. In the near future, these products are expected to enter into volume production and facilitate large-scale deployment of clean, efficient CHP systems.

Defining state of the art

Our CHP technology is already having a dramatic effect around the world. Here are just some of the latest examples:

Greener solutions for Asian and European homes

The ENATEC consortium in the Netherlands and Rinnai in Japan both use Infinia Stirling generator technology in their residential CHP systems. These systems use about 95 percent of the energy contained in the natural gas, or other fuel, dramatically reducing the need for grid electricity, which is delivered at an average efficiency of about 30 percent. This saves homeowners money without compromising on comfort – and it’s good news for the environment too.

Defining state of the art

Our technologies are already making a difference in the military and in homes worldwide. Contact us today to discuss how they could work for you.