Innovative energy ..

Our Stirling generators are designed to deliver the energy you need in a way that is virtually silent, long-lasting, economical, environmentally-friendly and exceptionally low-maintenance.


We are the world’s leading developer of free-piston Stirling generators, ranging in size from tens of watts to multiple kilowatts. Our generators are especially well suited for critical power applications that require silent operation, high reliability, and very long, low-maintenance service lives.


We also apply our free-piston technology to the development of cryogenic coolers and pressure wave generators that provide long-life, maintenance-free cooling for a wide variety of applications.

Infinia's unique stirling design

Our free-piston machines outperform similar power generation technologies and other Stirling engine and cooler designs. We use clearance seals, proven flexure bearings, and hermetically sealed designs that underline just how reliably this technology operates.

Total number US and International Patents: 31