5 Important Facts on What Makes a WordPress Hosting Fast


Since its release in 2003, WordPress has come a long way, and nothing seems to be stopping it.

It is the leading CMS giving its competitors a big haul with 58.55 % market shares. That is more than the total shares owned by all other Content Management Systems.

WordPress Hosting

Global Admiration

WordPress hosts about 75,000,000 websites currently, according to whoishostingthis.com. Used by least 10 companies in the Fortune500 list including TED, NBC, and CNN amongst the top names.

Not only businesses but it is also a favorite CMS platform for blogging. With its simplicity and clear approach, WordPress gets a lot of love worldwide.

Gain Momentum

Individuals and companies trust WordPress to host their website with skill, so it doesn’t have room for mistakes. It has a minimum of zero downtime, and the developers are always coming up with updates.

With so much liability, WordPress cannot risk being slow. Extensive features offered by WordPress don’t slow down the CMS at all. It is quick at its feet and always ready to assist customers ensuring that their websites host with speed.

Speed Matters

Statistics collected by hostingadvice.com show that 40 percent of visitors leave if the website does not load within a few seconds. That is a substantial amount if you are a website owner, it aborts profit, and you lose customers.

WordPress makes sure that websites load in a fraction of seconds to not compromise your assets. With this CMS get guaranteed 99.9% uptime and a super-fast host for sites.

Google has now included site speed into their SEO algorithms, that means your site’s speed determines its ranking on the result page. A good load time based on their numbers is 3 seconds. And Google further found out that not many sites reached that benchmark.

With a longer load time, viewers may get frustrated and leave.

WordPress hosting focuses on improving the average response time of websites while maintaining service quality.

The Top Reasons why the WordPress CMS is Fast

speed up WordPress

It is a fact that WordPress hosts websites at a rate faster than any other CMS, here are 5 reasons why.

1. Choosing a Good Hosting Provider.

No doubt there are several WordPress hosting providers, but you must know which one to choose. Compare figures, the services they offer, and uptimes to get an idea to help you select the right provider.

Shared hosting services for websites come at a cost, speed is significantly compromised with frequent downtimes. So, top runners recommend using proper hosting for sites.

2. Switch to Effective Caching Plugins.

Caching data is essential but takes up significant storage space to cache data. To decrease the load time of websites it is therefore recommended to use a ‘Caching Plugin.’

WordPress has many useful integrations in the form of plugins that increase the performance of websites. Caching plugins store data for future use and increase the speed of your site.

Just install them once and see the results in no time, the pages will load a lot faster.

3. Use a CDN to Serve Faster.

Interacting with CDNs is routine while shopping online, reading articles, watching videos, and going through social media. A Content Delivery Network avoids latency, the delay that occurs before data transfer begins.

The working is simple, a CDN stores static files in servers closer to the visitors making the page to load faster. It creates files available at different locations at once, allowing the visitor to download the data quicker.

Using a CDN ensures that the files are ready to dispatch as soon as a request comes in. This makes websites load a sufficient pace.

4. Optimize your Homepage to be Quick.

This is the easiest way to avoid websites from loading slowly, adjusting the content. It is understandable that sites with more content take longer to load. With more requests and complicated layouts, a delay is inevitable.

Adjust the homepage and avoid this delay by optimizing content on the webpages. A simple example would be to include only excerpts of posts on the page and add links to the posts. This is a simple yet effective way that ignorantly reduces the load time of any website. Maintain content quality and not quantity on the homepage.

5. Use the Revision Control Plugin.

Many times, while writing posts several drafts develop. When you leave a post at a point while creating it, it is automatically saved generating duplicate content. This content when managed helps improve the load time of your website to great extents.

Revision control plugin minimizes the number of copies the same post generates while it is being edited. 2-3 revisions are enough, but more than that only fill up your backend with unnecessary data. With WordPress’s Revision Control Plugin, keep these drafts to a minimum and boost the speed of websites instantly.

These are only a few factors that make WordPress hosting fast and reliable for users. WordPress extends a wide range of features for its customers by allowing websites to run faster and smoother. With a WordPress hosting, set a good impression on visitors with the fast speed of your site.