Reliable Electricity for Extreme Environments

Enabling Military and Homeland Security Missions

Infinia’s Stirling generators are a reliable, efficient and quiet source of electrical power ideal for use in extreme environments.  Infinia is currently working with the US Army to develop diesel-fueled tactical power systems suitable for military, homeland security and civilian applications.

Developing the Future of Tactical Power Systems

Infinia is developing a new 3 kW free-piston Stirling generator under contract to the US Army’s Communications and Electronics Research and Development Command (CERDEC). This generator brings together the low mass, high reliability features of our space power systems with the low cost mass production designs developed for micro combined heat and power ( micro-CHP) products.

Expanding Capabilities

Infinia’s 3 kW generator can be adapted for use as a portable generator, vehicle auxiliary power unit (APU), or a micro-CHP system to provide power and heat for vehicles field kitchens, shelters laundries and command centers.  We are also leveraging our new multi-cylinder free-piston technology to develop power systems for applications where more power is needed.

Satisfying Military Requirements with Less Fuel

Infinia designs energy systems that provide extremely reliable electricity efficiently and with minimum pollution.  Examples of how our approach will pay off for the military include:

  • A mobile field kitchen (MKT) retrofit that will eliminate the need for a separate diesel generator and save up to $1,000 worth of fuel per week by cooking food rations while it generates electricity
  • A micro-CHP system that will eliminate the need for a separate environmental control unit by heating or cooling temporary buildings while providing electrical power
  • An APU for large transport and combat vehicles that enables them to shut down their main engines without losing communications, sensors or other on-board electronics

Changing the World by Providing Efficient, Reliable Electricity Where it’s Needed Most

Infinia is about changing how the world uses energy — in extreme environments. Infinia has the technical expertise and resources as well as the relationships with investors, business partners, and our employees to make a difference today, and change the world tomorrow.
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