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Simplicity means achieving excellent results with minimum hassles. ISS is a uniquely simple solution. It is a self-contained system which is easy to install, operates itself, and generates clean, AC power. No plumbing.
No complex balance-of-systems needs. No new transmission lines. And no leaps of faith. Just proven technologies, great product design and all the benefits of mass production. The result is megawatts installed in weeks.
Not years.
Flexibility means the ability to adapt to many situations. Want to develop a 3 MW solar asset at a brownfield industrial site? ISS can do that. Want to develop a 200 MW solar asset and bring it on line in 5 MW increments, ISS can do that. Want to develop a solar asset on sloped terrain. Without access to water, ISS can do that. Want to develop a solar asset to fit within existing transmission and distribution system constraints? ISS can do that. Want to develop a solar asset in less than a year, Well, you get the idea.
Performance means turning the smallest investment into the most kWh at a site, over time. Versus PV, ISS does this by capitalizing on its much higher conversion efficiency and lower installed cost. Versus troughs and towers, ISS does this by capitalizing on its speedier and more flexible deployment, higher conversion efficiency and lower operating cost. Excellent technology, simple installation and very low operating costs by combining
these in a single product, ISS is the preferred solar asset development solution for ground mount applications. That�s what we mean by perfomance.
Results equal return on investment. And in the solar asset development game, investment starts early.
You need to avoid costly permitting delays. You could live without huge upfront capital equipment down-payments. You want faster time to revenue generation and access to less costly sites. You want to develop assets closer to, or right at, the point of consumption. The bottom line is you want results. And ISS
provides them.

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