Combined Heat and Power

INFINIA Combined Heat and Power Systems Maximize Efficiency and Economy, and Enhance Quality of Life

Engines and generators producing electricity also produce waste heat. A combined heat and power (CHP) system generates electricity and uses the waste heat for cooking, drying, space and water heating, or other useful process heat, minimizing the waste of energy and significantly improving overall system efficiency. The more efficient a CHP system is, the less fuel is consumed to serve the thermal and electrical loads. Increased efficiency reduces energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Ideal design for CHP

With quiet, zero-maintenance operation, excellent heat recovery, and the ability to operate efficiently at part-loads, Infinia’s Stirling generators are ideal for small CHP applications.

Residential applications

Infinia has worked with several technology development partners to create CHP systems, based on its Stirling generators, for residential application. In the next two years, these products are expected to enter into volume production and facilitate large-scale deployment of clean, efficient CHP systems.

Delivering on the promise

Infinia is changing how the world uses energy by combining innovative technology and strong relationships with partners, investors, and our employees. Consider these examples of Infinia technology in CHP applications:

Money saving, greener solutions for European homes:
The ENATEC consortium in the Netherlands uses Infinia Stirling generator technology in its residential CHP system, pictured above. This system uses about 95 percent of the energy contained in the natural gas, or other fuel, reducing the need for grid electricity, which is delivered at an average efficiency of about 30 percent. This saves homeowners money, and allows them to have all the comforts they enjoy with less pollution and lower greenhouse-gas emissions.

Quieter, cleaner, and less expensive solutions for our soldiers: Infinia is currently working with the U.S. Army’s Natick Soldier Center to develop a combined heat and power system for military field kitchens. Infinia’s system operates on JP-8 (diesel) fuel to provide power for the kitchen lights and burners while simultaneously boiling tray-pack hot rations for hungry soldiers. Using Infinia technology eliminates the need for noisy diesel generators and dramatically reduces operating costs and emissions.

Changing the world – in homes, in the military, and in your application

Infinia is about changing how the world uses energy by gaining efficiencies through combining heat and power in homes, in the military and in your application. Infinia has the technical expertise and resources as well as the relationships with investors, business partners, and our employees to make a difference today, and change the world tomorrow. Contact us to discuss your application needs or how you might partner with us.