Remote Power

INFINIA Delivers Zero-Maintenance, Long-Lasting, Extremely Reliable Power Generators

Infinia’s Stirling generators have the maintenance-free, long-lasting, high-reliability properties required for mission-critical applications. We utilize a proprietary free-piston design that has no wearing parts and requires no lubrication. Each generator is hermetically sealed to ensure that no maintenance is ever needed.

Infinia’s Dependable, Innovative Power System for Space Exploration

In space exploration, millions of dollars worth of research depend on having stable, reliable power with no human intervention. Partnering with NASA Glenn Research Center, Infinia developed the first dynamic power technology reliable enough for use in space exploration.

Getting Space Technology Down to Earth

Infinia has adapted its space power technology for national security and other applications where long life and reliability is still an absolute requirement.  Advancements developed for space have also been incorporated into Infinia’s renewable energy products.

Defining State of the Art

Working closely with Lockheed Martin, the United States Department of Energy (DOE), and NASA, Infinia developed and tested the Stirling Convertor Assemblies used in the first Stirling Radioisotope Generator (SRG) systems planned for use in deep space exploration missions.  Infinia has redefined the state of the art for radioisotope-fueled power by achieving challenging milestones and introducing new technologies.  Here are a few of the things Infinia’s team accomplished:

  • Developed the world’s first dynamic power system reliable enough for use in space.
  • Advanced underlying technology from proof of concept to system-level pre-flight testing
  • Delivered over 20 Stirling Convertor Assemblies meeting nuclear quality assurance standards
  • Exceeded power output requirements by over 15%
  • Increased Power Density from 12 Watts/kg to 36 Watt/kg
  • Proved long life and reliability through ongoing endurance testing which has accumulated over 100,000 hours (11 years) of run time with zero maintenance


SRG 110 Photo courtesy of NASA

Meeting Mission Requirements

Infinia’s Stirling Convertor Assemblies meet all of NASA’s mission requirements for future space flights including:

  • Unattended, continuous operation: Capable of over 120,000 hours (more than 14 years) of continuous, unattended operation in deep space.
  • Low Vibration: Complete vibration control to avoid camera-pixel smear.
  • High reliability: Absolute reliability evidenced through test after test.
  • Robust, durable design: Ability to undergo the extreme shock and vibration of launch while operating.

Reducing Weight, Cost, and Radioisotope Fuel

Stirling Radioisotope Generators (SRGs) produce the same amount of power as the traditional Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators (RTGs), but they use less than one quarter of the scarce and expensive radioisotope fuel. In addition, Infina innovations have made SRGs weigh less and cost less.

Changing the World – in Space and on the Ground

Infinia is about changing how the world uses energy-in space and on the ground. Infinia has the technical expertise and resources as well as the relationships with investors, business partners, and our employees to make a difference today, and change the world tomorrow. Contact us to discuss your application needs or how you might partner with us.