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Our roots lie in a thermodynamic principle first described over two centuries ago: the Stirling cycle. The Rev. Robert Stirling invented a Stirling engine which was heated externally and used as a substitute for the steam engines of his time. The principle is straightforward, but the early reality was difficult given materials and machining limitations at the time. At Infinia, we have developed a form of this engine, the free piston Stirling engine, that harnesses the true potential of the Stirling cycle. It works. It is robust. And it is changing how the world uses energy.

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    We believe we can improve the quality of life on our planet by changing the way the world uses energy
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    We are focused on transforming the way the world uses energy
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    We have spent almost two decades developing unique hardware and technology, based on our proprietary free-piston Stirling designs. Here are some of the highlights: