The Top 8 Reasons You Would Want to Buy Lighter for Cigarettes

Lighter for Cigarettes

Fire is one of the best discovery humankind has ever made. If you imagine survival in the wild, it is impossible to picture it without a source of a fire.

From the warmth you might be able to receive from it to the protection it can provide you from wild animals; fire is fundamental in every aspect.

Lighters are beautiful creations which let you enter into the world of fire, that too with just a tap.

From rubbing stones together for hours and creating a spark, we have covered a long distance!

But, there should be some compelling benefits associated with carrying a great lighter with you at all times.

How can you choose the best of these tiny compact containers? What benefits should you compare it on?

Here is a list to help you sail through all these questions:

1. It’s an impactful accessory

Something’s shouldn’t be limited to their existing stereotypes. One of these things is lighters. You don’t need to be a hardcore smoker to carry an elegant and stylish lighter. They have been an essential part of the men’s accessories for decades.

They no longer signify old bizarre connotations like that of a lean man, who is probably a chain smoker with ruined business and home. Today, a good looking piece of plasma lighter signifies class and elegance.

It’s much more than just an instrument to ignite a fire.


2. Be all-situation ready!

Days have lost their predictability. There is no reason why you should ignore basic survival tips and strategies. If you start searching on the internet, you will find numerous articles and videos raving about how important a source of survival can be the standard cigarette lighters!

It should be an essential thing to include in your everyday carry bag. Who told you that calls cigarette lighterlighters could only be used to light up cigars and cigarettes? You can use it to light campfires, start up the barbecues or even help the candle glow!

In extreme conditions, these tiny little lighters can be used to build fires to keep you warm in cold, harsh climates. It can be used to light fire when you want to cook and find no other sources for it.

In a survival spree, it is the only way you can stay protected from wild animals, who might be the worst predators you would ever face.


3. Do DIYs with them a lot of times you willing to find a way to open a bottle of beer but, forget to carry an opener.

Did you know that a beer bottle can be opened using cheap things like CD, lighter and a water bottle?

Lighter can be your savior here! There are plenty of such DIYs available where lighter can help you win in extreme situations. You can purify water using that tiny little container!

It’s nothing but a mini survival kit for you.

But how to choose the best one?

4. Affordability

A lighter is something which you might forget easily if you plan on carrying it daily. Especially, if you are a newbie, it is most likely for you to forget it at places to visit.

So, try and buy lighters which are light on your pocket and an affordable choice for you.


5. Purpose

When you are buying a lighter, the two most important things that you should look for are its reliability and functionality.

If you are a non-smoker and you intend to buy a lighter to keep it in your Mini survival kit then, make sure that the lighter does not stop working within a short span of time just Best Cigarette Lighterbecause it is too cheap!

Try and look for a conventional, sturdy and reliable tiny little container to suit your purpose.


6. Getting the fashion right

If you are a man who intends to buy a lighter to help with your accessories then, you can take a plunge and buy the designer lighters which are custom made and all about their show.

A man who is conscious of matching his accessories to his ensemble must have a few options as well!

Therefore, try and buy a Combo set of reliable lighters which look chic and can serve your different looks and outfits.


7. Do You Have a Special Choice?

If you are attracted to death to the various slim and elegant looking lighters available only on special orders then, you may prefer designer and branded butane lighters which are majorly fluid based.


8. Soft flamed or torch flamed?

Be sure whether you want to buy a lighter with the traditional soft flame or the blazing torch flame. If your needs quote delivery of powerful jet packed heat, then torch lighters should be your pick.

They are best suited for lighting cigars, pipes and trying hand on some off-grid activities like caramelizing sugar on various beverages.

But, if your goal is to have a decent lighter to accompany your cigarettes and cigar, then you should probably stick to the standard flame lighters.

It’s easier to carry around and has been seen to be far more effective than the normal ones.


What about the electric ones?

These days there are modern USB rechargeable lighters available in the market, which not only save a lot of money but also do the bit for the environment.

They can be your pick if you want to use a durable, reliable and electrically rechargeable lighter. It carries no toxic and highly-inflammable fillers and hence, is better for your health and safety.

Have you bought the next best lighter for cigarettes yet? Let us know below!