“The PowerDish is a very high performance, mass-produced solar power generation system that harnesses the power of the Stirling engine”

Infinia’s PowerDish relies on a Free-Piston Stirling Engine (FPSE) to convert concentrated solar heat to electricity. Infinia FPSEs convert thermal energy from external energy sources to linear motion which drives an integral linear alternator, thus generating clean, reliable electricity. The PowerDish integrates a Stirling engine (Heat Drive), a parabolic dish solar Reflector, a Bi-axial Drive mounted on a Chassis, and Power Electronics and Control Systems.

The Bi-axial Drive points the system at the sun and tracks the sun throughout the day to concentrate sunlight off the mirrored face of the parabolic dish into the Heat Drive. This concentrated thermal energy is converted to linear motion and drives the power piston of a linear alternator. AC electrical output of the alternator is rectified to DC by the power electronics and automatically inverted to match the AC voltage and frequency of the connected grid.